About Dalba

Dalba Manufacturing and Service Company [LLC] was established in Białystok in 1991. Since its founding, Dalba specializes in the implementation of engineering works. The company provides its services in the area of Podlaskie and its neighboring voivodeships. Since 2007, Dalba is a part of PEUIM (Company of Streets and Bridges Utilization) group, which later became a part of Lithuanian Tiltra Group AB in 2008. Since 2011 Dalba belonged to the Trakcja – Tiltra Group that arose from a merging of Tiltra Group and Trakcja Polska listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, specializing in constructing and restoration of a railway infrastructure. Currently, Dalba is a part of Trakcja PRKil (Company of Railway and Engineering Worsk, Inc.).
We have a well-qualified staff of engineers with appropriate authorizations for managing construction works, especially for installing aplliances and networks – including water supply, sewers, heating, gas and ventilation. Our staff also consists of manual workers with several years of professional experience, providing a timely and high-quality performance. Currently, we’re employing 40 workers in Dalba.

Forbes Diamonds 2010
In February 2010, Dalba was ranked on a “Forbes Diamonds 2010”, which is a list of polish companies that increased their value the most in 2006-2008.